Paid Content Partnerships

We do not endorse anyone or anything unless we wholeheartedly believe in it. We only work with people and brands we trust because we will never suggest, partner with or recommend anything below average.

If an agent acting on behalf of a business or the business we have partnered with acts in an unethical and/or illegal manner, we reserve the right to terminate that partnership without notice to ensure that no harm is done to our students, parents, teachers, schools, brand and other affiliations.

From time to time we may offer a discounted rate or a free experience as part of the reviewing process. This in no way impacts the assessment of that person or thing and it will only be included across our collateral if we believe it to be worthy.

We may also receive money to promote things we deem to be worthy via sponsored posts, promotions or links. If this does occur, we will always disclose this.

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